Talent is the No 1 priority for a CEO. You think it is about vision and strategy, but you have to get the people right first Andrea Young, CEO Grameen America; member of the Boards of Directors, Daimler, General AG, Electric, Apple and Wayfair.

Chesterman Swann has been supporting organisations achieve this priority since 1990. We will work with you to improve your talent strength and depth and as a result, your business performance.

Operating globally across multiple industries and drawing on our in-depth research and extensive networks, our team will look to match your needs with the best available talent. We have been privileged to work with many blue-chip organisations in the UK, Europe and further afield. All our assignments, irrespective of geography are always controlled and project managed by ourselves and not sub-contracted to any local recruiter.


Talent management deserves as much focus as financial capital management in organisations. Jack Welch, CEO GE (retired).

Our Approach

At Chesterman Swann we work in true partnership with our clients, investing extensively in them to understand organisational needs and drivers. We take the time to get a detailed understanding of your organisation, its dynamics and the requirements for your roles.

Our investment in understanding your requirements is mirrored in our connection to candidates. We understand the support candidates need in order to maximise the process from initial consideration, preparation for interviews, through to facilitating the offer process and helping them manage their exit from their current position.

Our success is based on our approach to each individual assignment, a rigorous process comprising:

  • A thorough briefing enabling us to focus our research in order to draw up a road map for the search assignment. This begins with detailing the relevant target companies and identifying within them an initial long list of potential candidates.
  • Using researchers dedicated to the specific assignment, we then contact candidates on a strictly confidential basis. Where we identify a potential match between your needs and candidates’ abilities and their career progression trajectory we begin a thorough process of analysis, involving interviews and assessments, resulting in detailed candidate reports.
  • We update you every step of the process, with the next step being a detailed presentation of short-listed candidates, all of whom will match the assignment brief, but each of which will bring an individual ability to contribute to your role and your organisation.
  • If required, at this stage we offer psychometric assessment through our Chartered Occupational Psychologist to guide the decision-making process.
  • We conduct an end of assignment review, in which we can share our insights and ensure we have understood your feedback.


I am convinced that nothing we do is more important than hiring and developing people. At the end of the day you bet on people, not strategies.Larry Bossidy, CEO Honeywell (retired).


Talent Acquisition

Our executive search, selection and recruitment are based on in-depth research of the sectors you are interested in. Each role is approached with a rigorous investigation of the potential candidates, giving you access both to proven leaders and developing individuals, who add value not only in terms of business performance, but will also fit with and develop your culture.

Organisational Consulting

People drive growth, change and transformation. Chesterman Swann can help you ensure your organisation's strategy is optimised through your operating model, structure and processes. We work with you to define the winning capabilities of both individual roles and teams, which in turn drive your talent acquisition model. Key questions such as “How effectively does your operating model and organisational structure optimise execution of strategy?” will enable us to help you shape your organisation for success. In doing so you will ensure that your people will have been at the heart of your journey.

Assessment and Occupational Psychology

Raw talent is the start, understanding the dynamics of a team or group and then ensuring that candidates have the ability not only to fit in an environment, but also to help to develop it in line with company culture and strategy is a clear differentiator. Our Chartered Occupational Psychologist undertakes tailored assessments, both as part of our search methodology, as well as for development and team assessments to enable us to provide plans for future growth.


The number one challenge is attaining and retaining talent.SharalaAxryd, CEO and founder CADS.

Where We Work


Our networks and research capability enable us to operate extensively in Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific USA, Canada and Mexico.


We understand the industrial space and work across all sectors, including; Automotive, Aerospace, Nuclear, Energy, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Packaging, Transport, Electronics.


We have extensive reach across all business functions, including; CEO and Board Level appointments, General Management, Finance, Engineering, Purchasing, IT, Supply Chain, Continuous Improvement/ Lean, Legal, Sales and Marketing.



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